Friday, May 16, 2014

An Ode to SOMMAR.

This day, when you wake up and the sun is shining into your room.
You go out and the warm summer wind is blowing gently around your bare legs and you can do nothing more than smile

Oh lovely SUMMER

Some things you need to do in summer:

- do a picnic in your favorite park
- pluck flowers
- do a flower crown
- eat a lot of berries
- and ice cream
- wake up really early to see the sunrise
- swim in a sea
- sleep in a tent
- walk barefoot
- make a summer playlist
- spend a whole day just laying in the sun and doing nothing
- lay in a hammock and read a book
- pluck your own berries
- plant some flowers and vegetables
- drive a Vespa with a friend
- jump fully dressed into the pool
- do a roadtrip with friends
- and sing to every song on the radio
- watch the sunset with a loved one


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