Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A trip to GRINDA.


So much to see on the ferry to Grinda - we wanted to hop off on every island..

Hej lovely Grinda!

Girls, Girls, Girls..

Love these two siblings!

YEAH - we made it to the second fairy after missing the first one :)

Summer is here! 

Time to make a trip to these lovely islands! Around Stockholm are more than 25 000 islands and Stockholms archipelago is the second biggest in the Baltic Sea. Just the one around Finland is bigger.. The boats are going kind of rarely these days because the real summer season starts in the beginning of May but still there are some boats going and we had the island for ourselves! Just a few hours on this islands refill your energy, give you a lovely tan and let you feel like a little holiday! 
What you need: Your friends, some food and your swimsuit! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Spring in Tuscany is like a dream.. It is hard to put this beauty into words.. 
If you are on this hills and look over the fresh green sunny fields - it blows your mind and shows you how beautiful this world is. It just puts a smile on your face! We went to this wonderful vineyard close to Florence and ate Pasta in a garden which looked like a fashion magazine shooting location. An old italian lady told us about her life and let us not stop eating.. It feels like the time stands still there - in a positive way!

The flowers, the vineyards, the people - I went back to Stockholm with all this inspirational feelings and pictures in my head! Thanks, Tuscany! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweden, OH SWEDEN.

5 Weeks Sweden! And it feels wonderful :)

I was in Sigtuna on the weekend! 1,5 hours from Stockholm! It is Swedens first town which was founded in the 10th century. It is a fascinating little city which is charming and so relaxing. Perfect for a long walk along the water and a cozy coffee in the sun. With a view over the water. Of course. :) 

I am in love with all this little wooden houses..red, yellow, rosa..the laundry is hanging in the garden..hammocks.. Sweden, oh Sweden..!