Thursday, August 14, 2014


This is one of the most wonderful videos I have seen in a long time.

Made my smile and made me wonder if we sometimes forget to live in our everyday life. Everyday should be an opportunity and a gift. Living more mindful is the solution! Actually 2014 is "the year of mindful living". So if you haven´t started - start today.

Here are some points that make you more mindful:

1 - Take a walk and wonder/question/dream/be just YOU
2 - Create!
3 - Turn everyday tasks into creative moments
4 - Stop once and a while to just breathe
5 - Unitasking
6 - Do things that scare you
7 - Learn to meditate
8 - Be thankful and show it

Read more about it here:

"Life is like a roadtrip - enjoy each day and don´t carry too much baggage!"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TOURIST in Stockholm.

Pannkakorfrukost - mums :)

Walk through Södermalm - no cars on Götgatan! 

Join the Pride Festival and walk with "Stolta Föräldrar".

 Take a picture with the guard at the palace!

Party at Trädgården!

Have a midnight swim at 2am..

Lovelove Stockholm!

Friday, August 1, 2014


Oh how we loved this hammock!

Our favorite spot for breakfast, dinner and greek Frappe. 

This view!

 And if you wake up at 6.30 you can see the sunrise :)

We can highly recommend this villa on the hill if you ever are in Athos! The hosts are adorable and surprised us with homemade things like Tzatziki or a greek salad! So good :) The villa is very quite and you can reach the beach by foot.

You can book it and see more photos here:

Already miss this hammock!