Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding.

Tomorrow it´s the day! The royal wedding day! I love this little video on Nowness! Watch and "love" it! We are all excited to see the beautiful dresses and emotional faces tomorrow! I am sure it will be legendary!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kate Bosworth.


What a style! Everytime I look in the magazines I am amazed by Kate Bosworth! She totally meets my fashion style. It is always pretty classy and at the same time comfortable. She doesn´t stand out because of high heels or flashy dresses. She just looks girlie and that makes me happy! Keep on wearing so amazing things Kate! I love it! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mulberry Pool Party.

The summer is close. Today there are sunny 20 degrees in Hamburg. Time to leave the tights in the closet. But I need a little bit more time. Right now I cannot leave them at home..but I feel that the day is close and then summer can begin.:)
Mulberry just made a pool party. So much fun to see the pictures. I wanna make a pool party too. I just need a pool....

via  RDuJour

Monday, April 11, 2011

Think green H&M.

Momentan geht der Trend zur Ökokosmetik, Ökofood und auch Ökomode...Bei dem Trend zieht natürlich auch H&M wieder mit! Unter dem Motto "Think green wear white" kommt jetzt die neue Green-Kollektion in die H&M Stores! Etwas hippie mit gehäkelten Shorts oder Westen und gleichzeitig verspielte Kleider und Tops. Bin gespannt die Sachen in den Läden zu sehen! Aber jetzt würde ich schon mal sagen "top"!:)

Everything goes green these days so also H&M. "Think green wear white" is the slogan! Lovely hippie clothes and some summer girlie dresses and tops. Can´t wait to see it in the stores!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I love colours.

Was für eine bunte Farbenwelt in den Läden! Unglaublich schön! Sie machen einfach gute Laune und Lust auf den Sommer. Ich kann es kaum erwarten die bunt gekleideten Menschen auf den Straßen zu sehen! Mein Highlight des Sommers ist pink kombiniert mit Orange! 

Wow! How colourful the shops are! I love it! It makes me happy. I can´t wait for all the people to walk colourful around the city! My highlight of the summer is orange and pink together.