Monday, May 19, 2014

ÅH, Fjäderholmarna!

On Sunday Ida and I made a trip to Fjäderholmarna (30 minutes) outside of the city!

 Ida and me eating strawberries! Mums :)

 That means "Ice makes you happy" so we needed to buy one..

 ..and enjoy it in a hammock!

Then we played this XO game and Ida won 3 games in a row!

Shortly before we hopped on the fairy back to the city we found a wonderful little shop! Carola Kastman is the owner, a lovely woman with the cutest kid! The first thing that Ida and I noticed was the little room to print your own bags/shirts. Such a lovely idea! Unfortunately were we too late to print our own so I bought one that Carola did. The print says "Det är ok" which means "It´s okay". Love the meaning of this bag - fits to so many situations in life! She is also a painter and sells her paintings in the shop. You can take a look here: Apart from that is she selling a lot of other nice things which are handpicked with heart! So please make a trip and visit her shop - and go before 12 to print you own bag! :) 


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  1. Jättefint inlägg och du är så välkommen senare på säsongen :-)