Monday, January 26, 2015


The WINTER WONDERLAND finally arrived in Stockholm! 
Yay :) Cannot be happier with all this snow.

Time for long walks and even longer coffee breaks.

The days are really short and dark here in Sweden, so this is my happy-winter-strategy:

- Go for a walk in your lunch break and get some fresh air and light
- Buy some Vitamin D pills
- Eat and drink beet root
- Drink spinach drinks
- Try new recipes from this blog:
- Go to the gym and try a new course
- Sauna, sauna, sauna :)
- Meet your friends for a creative sunday and paint, knit, bake etc
- Send a good friend a packet (for no reason)
- Get some sun in the sunlight café in Södermalm (Nirvana)
- Try new cafés/places
- Book a spontaneous flight to a good friend
- Plant something
- Prepare your home for spring
- Do photo albums of your last trips
- Plan your summer trips
- Read a book
- Put some warm socks on and watch series all day :)


  1. webbplats: http://www.flyttstä
    Jag beställde en vårrengöring för mina föräldrar i Stockholm. Jag gillade allt, mina föräldrar är väldigt glada! Giltig bra personal och fina priser.