Sunday, March 16, 2014

HEJ DÅ Hamburg.

It was time to say "Hej då Hamburg" and "See you soon". My dear icelandic friend visited me and we had such a wonderful last weekend in Hamburg. It was sunny and Hamburg was shining like a diamond. But Stockholm also welcomed me with sunny weather and lovely new people. Next pictures are coming from Sweden! Soon :)

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  1. Hey!
    Listen, I’m trying to modify a pic in PhotoShop in order to make something.. And the thing is I don’t really know how to put some text on it in regards 2 the Swedish expressions “Hej allihopa” (“Hi everyone”) and “Hej då” (“Bye”) – what I mean is how exactely is it correct to write “Hej då”: is it with 2 different words separated by space, like I just wrote, or is it in one word: “Hejdå” ? I searched it on the net but I got many results with both versions, so I’m kinda confused.. Also, I’ve noticed that some Swedish chick wrote on her blog “Hej allihopa!”, she did not put a comma after “Hey” of “Hej allihopa!” this the correct version? ‘Cuz in my language you kinda have to put a comma there, so it would be written like this: “Hej, allihopa!”.. If U enlighten me with the correct versions I promise I’ll send you the picture.. Actually, I’ll send you plenty of pics that I did with PhotoShop, both from my country and many more other countries across the world.. The idea is that I would like to make some refrigerator magnets after those modified pictures for my friends and I would like to get all the details of the pictures spot on, U know.. Why all this enquiry about thoese 2 Swedish expressions? Well, “Dumb & Dumber” is one of my favourite movies and U may know the last shot of the film, where a Swedish girl dressed in bikini comes out of a bus and says to Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels “Hej allihopa” and “Hej då”.. :) So I incorporated those in my picture of Sweden by the form of a text of these 2 sayings..
    C what I mean..? There R different versions of “Hejda” on these 2 Wikipedia pages: “Hejda” on the Swedish page & “Hej da” on the English page..

    In case U would like 2 take some time 2 actually answer me, my e-mail adress is
    Greetings from Romania !
    Take care & God bless!
    “Hej då” :)