Sunday, November 11, 2012

BEAUTIFUL Amsterdam.



AMSTERDAM - I haven´t been here for a while and I forgot how beautiful it is.. The innercity is so quite because there are no cars allowed. Everybody is cykling or walking.. the sun reflects in the water and you can see a lot of young people who have a great style. I just love the atmosphere of the city!

Here are 2 tipps:
- Episode, Vintage Shop
- Beadies Amsterdam, A shop where you can make your own jewellery

Just walk around the little streets at the Grachten und you will find cute little shop where you can buy unique stuff.

Loved my weekend trip and I´ll be back soon Amsterdam!

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  1. I love Amsterdam, wandering around the tiny streets discovering the beautiful architecture and interesting range of shops! Your outfit looks perfect for this trip, lots of cosy layers.